20 Eylül 2023

Handyman Tips & Hacks That Work Extremelyğ Well



These are really simple but great techniques. Might make the observation that making a holder to avoid hitting your fingers with a hammer is neat, but so is wearing a pair of gloves when angle grinding or cutting towards your fingers with a box cutter..

not being a smart  saying that, just someone who found out the painfully hard way .

im a bit obssessive compulsive with the things that I do thus making things clean and accurate as much as possible everytime I do something. those hacks are extremely hopeful and I really learned a lot on those.

I was first about to pass this video because of the clickbait thumbnail but there really are many useful tips in this video. I personally use many of them but found few new ones so thank you.

I appreciate how you explain this topic clearly. Your passion for your YouTube channel is evident.

Your content has given me some great ideas for potential new videos. I’ll be sure to follow your work and share ideas!The hammering a nail with a dowel,.

I still have half a thumb nail because I missed the real nail over 20 years ago.

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