Holzfforma G888 vs big oak log

Wow that is a beast! I have the g660 and my only real complaint is the chain break touches the muffler and the handle needs to be more solid.

But boy does it mill, I’ve ran it wide open all year with no issues.Beast of a saw right there.

I’ve run a bunch of Stihl saws and never had any issues. Looks like I found my next toy.I like the idea of using the ladder as a support and straight edge during each slab cut.

I noticed it is positioned on the side of the log where the saw engine is. Better stability and support of the weight.I see you have a lot of tjatter in your saw while milling…

Have you guys ever tried a super skip chain. I run a 661, 110 cm deep in oak with it and no tjatter.

And i would say it cuts as fast or faster than a full house chain.

I’d like to see full time loggers use this Chinese saw along side Stihl and Huskies and see how it lasts against them.usually the spring fails to engage with the cut-out on the pawl ring, leaving you with a loose string hanging out.

You’ll get good at repairing it. I can do mine in no time at all now. I see you already pulled the handle off  reattached it with a bigger knot.. that happens too usually very quick.

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